Who are we?

Our company Akvizit s.r.o. (originally TF Partners s.r.o.), operating under the brand TrhFirem, has been engaged in selling Czech businesses and related advisory services since 2004. We focus on smaller and medium-sized companies with annual revenue from 20 mio to the upper hundreds of millions of Czech crowns.

You understand your business, we understand the sale of companies

We are a semi-family business, transparently owned by the founding partners with education and years of experience in the industry. Since the company's foundation, advising on the acquisition and sale of businesses has been our sole activity. We have been 100% dedicated to it for almost 20 years.

We are mainly approached by business owners within a generational change or with the intention of a capital entry by an investor who would bring additional capital, experience and co-responsibility for the company´s management. Over the course of our existence, we have successfully completed over 50 SME transactions across multiple industries.

A crucial part of our work are discussions about the valuation of each company which sale we handle. In this respect, we provide our clients with unique know-how based on both theoretical knowledge and, above all, experience from real transactions on the local market. Our company is also a holder of a business valuation trade licence.

We will be happy to discuss your plans during a meeting in your company or invite you for a cup of coffee at our Prague headquarters or at our subsidiaries. We speak Czech, Slovak and English.

Our team

Pavol Čakan

Pavol graduated from the Faculty of Finance and Accounting at Prague University of Economics and Business, where he also worked as an assistant professor at the Department of Corporate Finance. He started his career at the headquarters of Komerční banka (asset and liability management – treasury). He then ran a credit union with the aim of obtaining a banking licence and transforming it into a bank.

Since 2004 Pavol has been the founding partner and Executive of our company. He focuses on comprehensive transaction process management and his strengths lie in business valuations and corporate finance.

Pavol was born under High Tatras and all life long enjoys mountain hiking. He also likes playing ice-hockey, tennis, cycling and skiing.

Martin Dvořák

Martin was graduated from the Faculty of Business Administration at Prague University of Economics and Business. During his studies, he has gained Accredited Tax Advisor qualification and provided corporate tax consulting in the company ÚČETNÍ s.r.o. Subsequently, he joined Československá obchodní banka, where he held various positions focused on SME and corporate clients for five years.

In 2004 Martin was a founding partner of Akvizit s.r.o. (TrhFirem) and is its Executive. He is responsible for independent management of business sale and acquisition processes and data room administration. Martin is particularly familiar with the accounting and legal aspects of transactions, their structuring and term negotiation.

When his work and family make it possible, Martin relaxes with a model railway, reads spiritual literature and listens to music. He loves skiing and mountains.

Pavla Čakanová

Pavla graduated from the Faculty of Finance and Accounting at Prague University of Economics and Business. She spent 15 years working in the audit section of PwC Czech Republic, where she reached a managerial post. Here she also obtained ACCA international certification. Among other things, Pavla managed corporate financial audits and provided accounting and tax advisory services. Her career continued in the Partner in Pet Food CZ group, where she was responsible for financial controlling.

In our company, due to her deep insight into accounting, Pavla is mainly responsible for the financial analysis of companies, preparation of sale prospectuses and due diligence.

In her spare time, Pavla enjoys various creative activities, including her own clothing designs. She is also fond of reading, newly has embarked on the study of Spanish.

Our values and policies

Mutual trust

We consider trust to be our core value. We don't make unrealistic promises, but instead provide business owners or buyers an honest and experienced look on their sale or acquisition plans. It might not always be pleasant, so as a result from time to time, we don´t agree on cooperation. But we believe that openness establishes a fair relationship and trust.

We are discreet

We fully understand the sensitivity of information we handle and that sale of a company must be kept strictly confidential. And accordingly we adapt the entire process of our cooperation. You can rely on us.

Customers always come first

We do our best to meet our clients' expectations and protect their interests. That's why the main part of our remuneration is based on performance. Our customers’ satisfaction is crucial for us. We also save their time and energy.

We provide professional services

We are fully dedicated to providing our clients with comprehensive services that meet professional standards for mergers & acquisitions. We are not an advertising portal or an investment database.

We are independent and transparent

We are not part of a banking, financial or advisory group (except for the loose CFIE grouping – see below) and thus are not subject to non-transparent interests. Our actions and the company's history are transparent.

We are growing and developing

We are constantly expanding our reach on perspective buyers, gaining further experience, monitoring market developments and working to maintain our position as a leading advisor in the sale of medium-sized and small businesses.

We educate laymen and the public

We participate in educating and informing the public about the issue of selling businesses (expert articles, lectures, media discussions, etc.). We would like the phenomenon of corporate acquisitions to be a normal part of doing business as much as, for example, HR.

Our partners

We cooperate with leading providers of legal and other specialised services. Under our coordination, we offer sophisticated comprehensive solutions even for larger transactions.

We are part of a group of European M & A advisors in the SME segment Corporate Finance in Europe (CFIE). In addition, we have established partnerships with a number of domestic and foreign consultants in our field. Through these relationships, we extend our reach to prospective buyers and acquisition targets. However, these links do not limit our independence.

Corporate responsibility

Society has given us opportunities to get to where we are. We like to give back, and that's why regularly claim our corporate responsibility. We financially support various organisations including Člověk v tísni (People in need), Adra and several regional foundations.

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